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Person in charge of communication with ISN
Do you work with any other educational institutions except International Student Network in the Czech Republic?
Have you ever worked with the Czech Republic as a study destination?
Do you want to make the Czech Republic as one of your main destinations?
What kind of promotion you use?
What we do
We provide up-to-date information about each university program and its requirements.
We help to gather all the necessary documents and check them twice before your visa appointment.
We meet you at the airport, accommodate you and acquitance you with local area and local people.
We organize lots of parties, trips and other fun activities to help you find friends from all over the globe.
Contact us
Feel free to write and call us. Become a part of international student network. We are here for you.
+420 777 979 444
Holeckova 3362/53,
150 00 Prague,
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