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Can you work while studying?
Many students work and study at the same time. Having a part-time job or summer work is very common in the Czech Republic. There are working options for international students as well, just be prepared that the job offer may be limited since most jobs require fluency in the Czech language.
However, many international companies are operating in big cities, and your ability to speak or understand various languages can be a plus.
Can I work while studying?
If you are a third-country citizen, you are allowed to work while studying, but please bear in mind that you are staying in the Czech Republic on basis of a visa for study purposes, therefore paid work cannot be your primary occupation during your stay. Your work should not affect your studies.
Can I work after graduating?
If you are a third country citizen, you obtained your university education in the Czech Republic, you have already finished your studies, and you wish to stay in the Czech Republic for work purposes, you have to apply for an employee card. Foreign nationals who have obtained university education in the Czech Republic have free access to the labor market. In this case, the employee card serves merely as a long-term residence permit where the stated purpose of the foreign national's stay is employment.
How to find a job?
When looking for a job, try career centers and info desks at universities first, as the faculties should have contacts in a variety of industries. You can also ask your friends, classmates, local students, or teachers. Besides, you can start your search through the job portals or contact directly someone from a chosen company. After graduation, all international alumni have free access to the labor market.
Is it easy to find a job in the Czech Republic?
The Czech Republic is currently a very attractive country for foreign professionals. With a growing economy and the lowest unemployment rate in the EU (2.7% in April 2019), the country offers job opportunities for people from all over the world. Foreigners in the Czech Republic most often work in production, then in administration or the field of trade or IT. The segment of tourism and education is also very popular especially because native speakers from all over the world can use their language skills.
Is it necessary to know Czech language?
Excellent knowledge of the Czech language is not always necessary for work in the Czech Republic. In large cities such as Prague, there are many corporations situated and their working language is usually English.
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