Recognition of Previous Education

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What is the recognition of previous education?
Have you studied or obtained your qualification abroad? Do you wish to continue with your studies in the Czech Republic? If yes, it is necessary to obtain an official document verifying that your education, which you have completed, is equal to the education in the Czech Republic. The process of recognition of completed education differs according to the level of education which you need to have recognized.
  • Recognition by Universities
    Such a recognized education applies only to the particular university you are going to study at. It is not generally valid and cannot be used for admission procedures to other institutions.
  • Recognition by
    Prague City Hall
    Another possibility is a general recognition in such institutions like Prague City Hall. The recognition requires personal appearance and takes around two-three months.
Certified copy of legalized foreign school report/diploma prepared by a Czech Notary and translated by the Court Interpreter to Czech/English language.
Certified copy of the legalized list of school subjects with the number of hours prepared by the Czech Notary and translated by the Court Interpreter to Czech/English language.
Proof that the school which issued your diploma/school report is integrated into the education system of your country.
Identity document of the applicant (travel document / passport / ID)
Proof of a place of stay in the Czech Republic.
List of universities, which enable recognition
within the admission procedure
Prague University of Economics and Business
Charles University
Czech University of Chemistry and Technology
Masaryk University
University of South Bohemia in Czech Budejovice
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
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