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ISN is a very unique institution, which aims to provide information about higher education and connect students from all over the world in Prague, Czech Republic.
Study in English or in Czech language?
Would you like to study in the Czech language? Higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for you! Or you might want to study in English language at a very affordable fee?
All the universities offer accredited study programmes in their respective fields. These include the humanities, hard sciences, agriculture, architecture, engineering, medicine, economics, various art programmes involving cinema, music, dance, design, graphics, media and many others. Ultimately the choice is yours.
Study in Czech Language
By law, higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities. However, some fees might be requested: fees for administration of admission proceedings, fees for extending the duration of study beyond a set limit and fees for study in a foreign language.
Study in English Language
Would you like to study in another language? Czech higher education is still really affordable for you! The tuition fees differ from 180 - 22,350 EUR per year. The exact amount depends on the respective institution and study programme. There are several courses taught in English or in another foreign language.
The oldest university in Europe that ranked among the 2% top universities in the world.
Prague University of Economics and Business
One of the biggest and most well known educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.
Czech Technical University
The oldest Technical university in Europe with the 100% employment after the graduation.
University of Chemistry and Technology
One of its kind, Chemical university that ranks among the 4% of the best world universities.
Czech University of Life Sciences
One of the biggest public universities of Czechia with more than 18 000 students.
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
One of the oldest film schools founded in 1945. Within 1%of top film universities in the world.
University of South Bohemia
A top-quality science & research university specialising in education and social sciences.
Worldwide famous university that shares fifth place globally in the category "student's view".
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