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ISN is a unique organization, which aims to provide information about higher education and connect students from all over the world in Prague, Czech Republic.
Why to study in Prague?
Over 60 000 international students all over the world chose the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, as a desired destination for their studies. This city of the red rooftops combines safety, and comfort with the stunning beauty and vibrant atmosphere. Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most visited in Europe. Because of the convenience location our students are able to travel to the most famous European destinations with the affordable fees.
Great place to live
The number of the foreign students in Prague is rapidly growing over the past 10 years. One of the main reasons for that is the comfortable living conditions during the studies and various employment opportunities after the graduation. Currently, the Czech Republic has a lowest unemployment rate in the European Union and provide graduates with the employment opportunities in the world-wide known international companies. In the contrary to the affordable living costs, salaries for graduates can reach up to 8 000 EUR/month, depending on the field of occupation.

  • Charles
    The oldest university in Europe that ranked among the 2% top universities in the world.
  • Prague University of Economics and Business
    One of the biggest and most well known educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Czech Technical University
    The oldest Technical university in Europe with the 100% employment after the graduation.
  • University of Chemistry and Technology
    One of its kind, Chemical university that ranks among the 4% of the best world universities.
  • Czech University of Life Sciences
    One of the biggest public universities of Czechia with more than 18 000 students.
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
    One of the oldest film schools founded in 1945. Within 1%of top film universities in the world.
  • University of South Bohemia
    A top-quality science & research university specialising in education and social sciences.
  • Masaryk
    Worldwide famous university that shares fifth place globally in the category "student's view".
What we do
We provide international students with the opportunity to skip foundation year and apply to the top European universities.
We provide an explicit information about the visa documents check them twice before your visa appointment.
We make you feel like home from the first minutes. We meet you at the airport, accommodate you and arrange full orientation.
We organize various parties, get-togethers, tours, trips and other fun activities to help you find friends from all over the globe.
Contact us
Feel free to write and call us. Become a part of International Student Network. We are here for you.
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